Alanko Consulting Limited

I’d like to introduce you to Alanko Consulting and some of my creative marketing ideas and management tools. If you are a senior business executive focused on performance issues related to marketing, sales, branding, customer service or Human Resources, you are sure to find the content of this site of interest and hopefully stimulating enough to get in touch.

Having spent all my professional life (40 years to be precise) as a marketing and communication strategist in international agencies advising both global and local companies, it was time to ‘re-tyre’ and launch my own boutique consultancy. Put simply, I am a lousy golfer, but I love this profession. So I wish to continue being of service and looking to work with enterprises and executives who are receptive to the lessons I’ve learnt over those years.

I started my career working primarily with consumer goods marketers, but my ultimate calling was in B2B marketing. You’ll find more details about my experience in the short biography, including the many great brands I’ve had a privilege to service.

If what you read provokes a reaction, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be delighted to exchange views and discuss your particular business interests and issues. We can then explore whether and how my professional ‘toolbox’ and skills may be of use to you and your enterprise.


With kind regards


Jaakko Alanko